Reno Family Retreat with a Little Bit of Sin
Travel Time
One way
3 hours and 35 minutes
Estimated Cost
290 $ - 740 $
40 $ - 90 $
70 $ - 180 $
Restaurants / Bars
80 $ - 170 $
100 $ - 300 $
290 $ - 740 $

Looking for a place that you can sneak off to, a city, which offers everything “good” in the world there is? Reno is the next BIG gambling city and resort town, unlike being in Vegas you will find it to be considerably cheaper and a much more tempting family vacation spot.

40 $ - 90 $
Travel time
3 hours and 35 minutes
Estimated Fuel Cost
40 $ - 90 $

Reno is a tempting gambling and resort town, located towards the western part of the popular Californian state, the city makes up for its glitz with better attractions and amenities. On your way from San Francisco, a significant part of your trip will be through Sacramento which is a very busy and urbanized region, with a great deal of traffic and lots of fast food joints, motels and big box stores along the way. Once you have made it through Sacramento you can enjoy the scenic wonders of the Sierra Nevada foothills. The variety of forested areas here is great and beautifully so. Once you enter the town of Auburn on your way, do not forget to take in the beauty of this glorious place. More popularly known to be the Gold Rush town it has a series of well-preserved historic buildings and offers a great variety of shopping, dining, and lodging experiences. It is the biggest thing you will across until Reno make a smart move and if you need to fill up, fuel up or rest now is the time. Making a quick one-day stop at the Barbecue House, on your way to Reno if you have time will be one of the greatest decisions you would have made.