Wildomar: A journey for the family picture book
Travel Time
One way
7 hr 35 minutes
Estimated Cost
360 $ - 702 $
45 $ - 72 $
75 $ - 200 $
Restaurants / Bars
60 $ - 80 $
180 $ - 350 $
360 $ - 702 $

The complexities of life often leave a lot to be desired. Amidst chasing the American dream of two cars in the garage and a chicken in the pot, many people actually stop extracting the fun out of life. So, if you haven’t had a family trip for a long time, now is the time to plan one. 

With the presence of a plethora of locations, selecting the place for the trip can be a hassle that many people eventually shy away from. Many locations today offer a unique experience but only a few can come close to matching the experience that you will have at Wildomar. Wildomar, which was recently incorporated as a city within California, has a unique amalgamation of natural beauty with liveliness. 

The city is nestled in between towering mountain ranges on the west and rugged hills facing the east. Being one of the most rapidly growing cities in the region, Wildomar is host to a very lively way of living with the liveliness, complimenting the natural beauty in the most becoming manner. 

With the influx of tourist attractions and the crowded atmosphere across the world and America in general, Wildomar in its subtle form offers unparalleled natural beauty that creates an aura of appreciation in the eyes of the beholder. The region is not only a perfect getaway for a family trip but also paves way for an interesting opportunity to reignite the love between couples. Thus, there is no denying the obvious that if you are looking for a peaceful yet adventurous trip, then Wildomar is the place that you should be headed to. 

Luxury lodgings and properties in Wildomar
The fields spread across the mountains
View of the lively city center at Wildomar
The lush, green panorama of Wildomar
Some truly exotic housing in Wildomar
Desert-esque features, authentic to the location
A popular campsite for the entire family
Luxury lodgings and properties in Wildomar
The fields spread across the mountains
45 $ - 72 $
Travel time
7 hr 35 minutes
Estimated Fuel Cost
45 $ - 72 $

The captivating location of Wildomar is located at a distance of approximately 732 km from San Francisco. The drive along the way is very pleasing to the eye as it adds to the general beauty of the overall experience. The journey might sound like a bit too much right now but once on the way, there is no regretting it. With the natural beauty associated with Wildomar and the areas nearby, the overall journey is an enjoyable experience. Having said this, it is to be noted that the best time of the year to visit Wildomar is the summer time as nothing beats the glint on the mountain from the summer sun. There are a few options that can be explored ranging from a pleasant drive in the family car to the traditional old ride on the bus.

By Road

Drive: San Francisco to Wildomar

Travel Time: 7 hr 35 minutes

Estimated fuel cost: 45-65

Public Transit

Bus: San Francisco to Wildomar via L.A, Perris and Collier

Travel time: 13h 42m

Estimated fare: 23-72 from Townsend Street to Wildomar through Bolt Bus