Wildlife Watching at Point Reyes
by user
Travel Time
One way
1 hour
Estimated Cost
150 $ - 580 $
20 $ - 30 $
60 $ - 350 $
Restaurants / Bars
20 $ - 100 $
50 $ - 100 $
150 $ - 580 $
With a dramatic and rocky coastline, an idyllic lighthouse, a surreal shipwreck, verdant landscapes and robust wildlife, Point Reyes is a popular tourist destination situated on the Pacific Coast of northern California. This strikingly beautiful coastline is a testament to the Bay Area’s natural wonder. Lined with whimsical cottages, fresh cuisines and fine shops, Point Reyes is an ideal weekend getaway for the entire family that would not disappoint.   

In this guide, we recommend dedicating the weekend to an exciting and unforgettable wildlife watching experience here at Point Reyes. Keep your camera shutters ready for some Grey Whales, Elephant Seals, Tule Elk and Sea Otters and a great variety of birds!
20 $ - 30 $
Travel time
1 hour
Estimated Fuel Cost
20 $ - 30 $
Although Point Reyes is located relatively near San Francisco, it is still a fairly secluded area that may only be reached via Highway 1 or Highway 101. The easiest and most common way to reach it is via Car, but there are alternative options such as shuttle buses. Best travel period: January to April.

[CAR] From San Francisco 
Travel time: 20-45 mins
Distance: 30 miles (50 km)
Estimated Fuel Cost: USD 3.50 - 6

Drive approximately 30 miles (50 km) north of San Francisco on Highway 1 along the west coast of California. 

[BUS] From San Rafael to Bear Valley Visitor Center 

Travel Time: ~ 1 hr
Fare: USD 7