Victorville - The City of High Desert
Travel Time
One way
6 hours 15 minutes
Estimated Cost
185 $ - 350 $
60 $ - 80 $
60 $ - 120 $
Restaurants / Bars
20 $ - 50 $
45 $ - 100 $
185 $ - 350 $

Victorville is a city located in Victor Valley of San Bernardino County, California. It has the weather of a cold desert and views of snow capped mountains. The city has served as a film location for many commercial films. Although it’s a small city, it still has plenty of activities to offer. 

A mix and match of nature and the olden times with a modern day buzz makes this place a unique venue to visit, especially when you belong to a big metropolitan city. An excursion of 3-4 days to the city will surely rejuvenate you and your family and friends. Victorville is ideal to unwind yourself in solitude and spend some quality me-time as well.

Victorville has family fun parks, nature parks, museums, golf courses, cinemas and many other major attractions. Hence, your time in the city can be appropriately spent with many activities of your choice.  

Bird’s eye view of the aircraft graveyard in Victorville
Mariachi band performing in Pancho Villa’s Mexican Restaurant
Bird’s eye view of the aircraft graveyard in Victorville
60 $ - 80 $
Travel time
6 hours 15 minutes
Estimated Fuel Cost
60 $ - 80 $

The soul of any tour is it’s the journey towards the destination. Victorville can be reached through San Francisco by your own car via I-5 S which traverses through several counties, giving you the opportunity to observe the beauty of the countryside. You can also reach Victorville via bus and train.

By Road

Drive: San Francisco to Victorville

Travel time: ~6 hours 15 minutes

Distance: 420 miles

Estimated fuel Cost: ~60

By Public Transit

Bus & Train: San Francisco to Victorville via Bakerfield

Travel Time: ~12 hours

Estimated Fare: ~50-75 (From San Francisco to Bakerfield via Bay Area Rapid Transit), ~30 (from Bakerfield to Victorville via Amtrak)