Trinity River: Your perfect weekend vacation awaits
Travel Time
One way
4 hr and 35 minutes
Estimated Cost
115 $ - 207 $
30 $ - 57 $
85 $ - 150 $
Restaurants / Bars
115 $ - 207 $

Trinity River is also known as Hun by the locals and is considered to be a spiritual haven due to the beauty that encompasses this massive river. It is the principal tributary of the Klamath River and runs through the magical mountains of Klamath, and the rivers come from the iconic Scott Mountains!

Not only is the river an important source of hydroelectricity but is also an extremely popular tourist spot due to the array of recreational fun that this place has to offer. From professional fishing to breathtaking vantage spots, Trinity has it all!

30 $ - 57 $
Travel time
4 hr and 35 minutes
Estimated Fuel Cost
30 $ - 57 $

Trinity River is approximately 267.8 miles from San Francisco, yes that means you can start your car and reach there within a few hours. The route to Trinity River is full of beautiful pine trees, long roads and a wealth of spots that radiate serenity and tranquillity. So if you want a serene drive then get behind the wheel!

By Road

Drive: San Francisco to Trinity River

Travel time: ~4 hr and 35 minutes

Estimated Fuel cost: $30-$40 (Cost exclusive of toll costs)

Public Transit

Bus: San Francisco to Bass Lakes Pines resort

Travel time: ~ 9 hr and 46 minutes (Includes transit time)

Estimated fare: $40-$57 from San Francisco