The Mill Valley Experience
Travel Time
One way
$5.40 from Goldengatetransit
Estimated Cost
153 $ - 1055 $
4 $ - 6 $
149 $ - 1049 $
Restaurants / Bars
153 $ - 1055 $

Mill Valley ranked by Smithsonian Magazine as the fourth best small towns in America is a gem in California. Found in California is a city in Marin County, fourteen miles north of San Francisco through the Golden Gate Bridge. Mill Valley stretches over the western and northern shores of Richardson Bay and the eastern slopes of Mount Tamalpais. With only thirteen thousand as its population, the city gives off a European charm whereby hikers, bikers and climbers indulge themselves in the wonderful surrounding. The beautiful city offers a perfect getaway for couples and singles. Its richness in culture and extensiveness in the realms of beauty makes Mill Valley one of the most captivating sites in California. Do not be left behind, join the caravan and make your way to the finest destination, where romance meets exquisite cuisine.

4 $ - 6 $
Travel time
$5.40 from Goldengatetransit
Estimated Fuel Cost
4 $ - 6 $

Mill Valley is the easiest destination to get to by car. If you fancy a mini-road trip and would love to have an overview of how Mill Valley looks from the outside going into the town, i would highly recommend an automobile. Going by car, you can take the Mill Valley/ Tiburon Boulevard or the Mill Valley /Stinson Beach exit.

Using bus is also popular among vacationers heading to Mill Valley. The buses from San Francisco drop off along the highway. Commuter buses are frequent as the run into downtown and from the ferry you get access to Tiburon. Mill Valley has a beautiful scenery that will be perfect for a ride around town, or as most people prefer mountain bikes, you can never miss one or two.

From San Francisco to Mill Valley, it is about 14.39 miles by a car that is 18. 32 in kilometres away. Going by average speed, a car will use 0.67 gallons of gas to reach Mill Valley. The total cost will add up to only $1.55 as the final fuel cost.

If you are concerned about CO2 emission and your carbon footprint, it doesn’t exceed 1 pound of CO2 per mile. The average time to get there will be an average of 32 minutes or even less.