Tahoe City - Lakes, mountains, and lodges
Travel Time
One way
3 hours 30 min
Estimated Cost
168 $ - 475 $
30 $ - 35 $
50 $ - 200 $
Restaurants / Bars
28 $ - 40 $
60 $ - 200 $
168 $ - 475 $

Tahoe City is a small town located on Lake Tahoe in Placer County, California. With a population of just over 1000 people, this charming town has everything you would need for a quiet vacation away from the hustle and bustle of the big cities. With fresh small town air, and a beautiful pine forest minutes from your doorstep, you will no doubt have an incredible visit, with so much to see and do.

Tahoe City is a picture perfect town on the shores of Lake Tahoe, with many beautiful views and wonderful things to see and do for tourists in the village. Visitors to Tahoe City come from around the peninsula to relax on the shore in the warm, dry summers. And the town becomes a spectacle for visitors in winter as there is heavy snowfall, which makes it a perfect winter getaway for the whole family.

30 $ - 35 $
Travel time
3 hours 30 min
Estimated Fuel Cost
30 $ - 35 $

Tahoe City is a short three and a half hour drive from San Francisco along the I-80. The roughly 200 mile drive will take you through Sacramento and Roseville as you head east towards Lake Tahoe.

Sacramento is a good location for a stopover, being only 100 miles away. As you continue on the I-80 from Sacramento, you will take exit 185 for State Highway 89 S and Lake Tahoe is a further 15 miles from the exit. This scenic drive will take you past the Eldorado National Forest, with miles and miles of tall trees and forests dotting your path along the way. It is worth keeping in mind that the nearest airport to Tahoe City is Reno/Tahoe airport which is 55 miles away.