Squaw Valley - Adventures in the valley
Travel Time
One way
3 hours 30 min
Estimated Cost
190 $ - 585 $
30 $ - 35 $
80 $ - 300 $
Restaurants / Bars
30 $ - 50 $
50 $ - 200 $
190 $ - 585 $

Squaw Valley is a world renowned skiing area, located in Olympic Valley, California. This town is visited by more than 600,000 skiers and skiing enthusiasts per year, and is the second largest skiing area in the Lake Tahoe region, second to Heavenly Ski Resort.

Squaw Valley has over 270 skiing trails, making a it a very desirable location for a winter vacation, as one can spend many days and weeks experiencing all that this skiing area has to offer you. This area receives very heavy snowfall in winter, making it the perfect climate for a great skiing vacation. 

Squaw Valley really rose to fame after it was the host of the 1960 Winter Olympic Games,  the first ever Winter Olympics to be televised live and the event which put Squaw Valley on the map as an international skiing destination.

30 $ - 35 $
Travel time
3 hours 30 min
Estimated Fuel Cost
30 $ - 35 $

Squaw Valley is a short drive from San Francisco along the I-80.  It will take you just over three hours to complete the roughly 200 mile journey. This drive will take you through Sacramento and Roseville as you head east towards the area surrounding Lake Tahoe.  Sacramento is a good location for a stopover, being less than 100 miles away. As you continue on the I-80 from Sacramento, you will take exit 185 for State Highway 89 S towards the Olympic Valley and Squaw Valley is about a 10 mile drive further on.

Along your journey, you will also drive past the Eldorado National Forest, with a gorgeous view of miles and miles of tall trees and forests, a taste of what is to come when you reach the Olympic Valley area. Just in case, the nearest airport to Tahoe City is Reno/Tahoe airport which is a short drive of 55 miles away.