Shasta Lake - Houseboats and the Great Outdoors
Travel Time
One way
3 hours 30 min
Estimated Cost
110 $ - 495 $
25 $ - 35 $
60 $ - 400 $
Restaurants / Bars
25 $ - 60 $
110 $ - 495 $

Shasta Lake appeals to those who love the peaceful serenity of the outdoors, with plenty to do, whether you want to be active or have a lazy few days under the sun. This beautiful lake is California’s largest reservoir with around 370 miles of shoreline, making it a popular attraction for many who want to take a break from their busy lives to enjoy some downtime - you can even rent a houseboat.

With the lake located in Northern California, just 4 hours from San Francisco, Shasta Lake is popular to a wide range of tourists, including families who want a break from their hectic schedules.

There are plenty of incredible places for you to stay with breath-taking views of the lake and it is now also very easy, and accessible, to hire a houseboat to really pimp up your holiday. Many people love this, as they can wake up to a refreshing morning swim and go fishing all on their doorstep and then sleep with the stars right above them. As the reputation of Shasta Lake continues to flourish, there becomes more and more to do, making your stay here unforgettable.

Inn at Shasta Lake
Family Fun at Shasta Lake
Mount Shasta
Kayaking on Shasta Lake
Houseboating on Shasta Lake
Outdoor Heaven surrounding Shasta Lake
Old Mill Eatery
Inn at Shasta Lake
Family Fun at Shasta Lake
25 $ - 35 $
Travel time
3 hours 30 min
Estimated Fuel Cost
25 $ - 35 $

Young families residing in San Francisco, California can take a road trip up to Shasta Lake. From the city centre, it is around 4 hours to reach in a car. Take the US- 101 South and follow the l-80, E, l-505 and l-5 N to CA-151 W/Shasta Dam Blvd in Shasta Lake. From the l-5 N, take exit 685 and follow the CA -151 West/ Shasta Dam. If you then follow the street signs, you should be just a couple of minutes away from your designated hotel or to the collection point for your house boat.

For those who would prefer to let someone else do the driving, there are buses you can catch that will take you straight to the lake. The buses and trains depart around four times a day ranging in cost from $15-$100 so make sure to book early.

To those who want a very quick trip, go for the more luxurious option and book a flight. You can fly direct from San Francisco to Redding which is just outside of the lake; including transfers this journey will take up to 3 hours and set you back approximately $200.