Quality R&R among Ancient Natural Wonders in Big Pine
Travel Time
One way
6 hours 45 minutes
Estimated Cost
190 $ - 470 $
45 $ - 60 $
80 $ - 290 $
Restaurants / Bars
15 $ - 20 $
50 $ - 100 $
190 $ - 470 $

The state of California is chock-full of picturesque and noteworthy tourism spots. What is truly astounding about the state is the diversity of locations, ranging from snow covered peaks and pine valleys to deserts and even fully fledged forests and rivers. 

Some locations within California are unique though. There is just something magical and mystical about them, that other spots lack, which is the reason for their popularity. Big Pine is one such location, and it promises to amaze, regardless of whether you are just passing through or staying for some good quality rest and relaxation.

If you value some time spent among ancient natural wonders such as millennia-old trees and desert oases, you are sure to love Big Pine as well as the surrounding country.

Delicious American fare at the Copper Top BBQ
Big Pine Motel, ideal for an overnight stay
Big Pine; the epitome of tranquility
Ample hiking and adventure opportunities in Big Pine
The Lake in winter
Convenient and comfortable Starlight Motel
Delicious American fare at the Copper Top BBQ
Big Pine Motel, ideal for an overnight stay
45 $ - 60 $
Travel time
6 hours 45 minutes
Estimated Fuel Cost
45 $ - 60 $

Located Southeast of the Sierra National Forest, Big Pine is accessible by Route 395-S, which also connects it to other scenic locations such as Bishop, Mammoth Lakes and Whitmore Hot Springs. This is why it is highly recommended to visit Big Pine by road, as there is no shortage of eco-tourism along the route.

By Road

Drive: San Francisco to Big Pine

Travel Time: ~6 hours 45 minutes

Distance: 380 miles

Estimated Fuel Cost: 45-60

Public Transit

Train: From San Francisco to Big Pine, via Reno.

Travel Time: 12 hours 40 minutes

Estimated Fare: 2.10 (From San Francisco to Oakland, through AC Transit), 6-34 (From Oakland to Reno, NV through Greyhound Lines), 40-60 (From Reno to Big Pine, through Eastern Sierra Transit Authority)