Mammoth Lakes: A Paradise in Spring
Travel Time
One way
7 hr 6 minutes
Estimated Cost
415 $ - 2340 $
50 $ - 280 $
45 $ - 1350 $
Restaurants / Bars
20 $ - 50 $
300 $ - 660 $
415 $ - 2340 $

The US is filled with countless towns, counties and regions that have some of the most exceptional natural beauty in the world. From snow-capped peaks, to alpine tree carpets, to some of the most beautiful colors the world has ever seen.

And then there is Mammoth Lakes, which can very easily be regarded as a paradise, in almost every sense of the term!

If you are one who appreciates natural beauty, then Mammoth Lakes should be your destination for a spring getaway, filled with adventure, some wondrous sightseeing and an all-round fantastic experience!

Boats for hire for fishing and pleasure trips across the lake
Fall colors in full swing
Paradise Falls, a bird’s eye view of the valley
Hearty seafood at Toomey’s
Neo-rustic and vibrant Jimmy’s Taverna
Trout fishing at Mammoth Lakes
Whitebark Restaurant at the Westin Mammoth
Boats for hire for fishing and pleasure trips across the lake
Fall colors in full swing
50 $ - 280 $
Travel time
7 hr 6 minutes
Estimated Fuel Cost
50 $ - 280 $

Located to the East of Sierra National Forest, and accessible via a truly scenic drive, Mammoth Lakes is among the most beautiful natural locations to drive to. Not only are the surroundings incredible to look at, but the general atmosphere is pure and pristine.

This is why it is recommended to visit Mammoth Lakes at least once in a lifetime, for a truly magical time and a lasting impression!

By Road

Drive: San Francisco to Mammoth Lakes

Travel Time: ~7 hr 6 minutes

Distance: 328 miles

Estimated Fuel Cost: $50-$70

By Air

Fly: San Francisco International Airport to Mammoth Yosemite Airport (nonstop)

Travel Time: 1 hr 9 minutes

Estimated Fare: ~$279 via United Airlines