Kernville - Adrenaline Activities & Nature Trails
Travel Time
One way
3 Hours 45 minutes
Estimated Cost
210 $ - 490 $
25 $ - 30 $
100 $ - 200 $
Restaurants / Bars
25 $ - 60 $
60 $ - 200 $
210 $ - 490 $

It is remarkable how much history you will find in Kernville, California and at the same time, the number of adventure and adrenaline activities it offers. In the earlier times, this town was often referred to as the “Whiskey Flat”. However, in 1864, the town was named after Mr. Edward M. Kern, who joined Mr. Joseph Walker on a famous long distance expedition in 1843.

Today Kernville is home to natural and beautiful bodies of water, mountains, and deserts that are not only picture perfect but also the perfect environment in which to enjoy the many activities they offer. Kernville is currently booming as one of California’s adventure towns and offers a wide variety of adrenaline activities which are perfect for adventurers and thrill seekers. And then there is Kernville itself, the perfect town from which to base yourself for nearby activities on land, water, and air including rafting, kayaking, fishing, trekking, mountain climbing, skydiving, tubing, glider flights, off-roading and a whole lot more.

Kernville Town
Kernville River
Eagle Rafting
Kern Lodge
Corral Creek Resort
Kern River Brewing Company
Water Sports on Kern River
Kernville Town
Kernville River
25 $ - 30 $
Travel time
3 Hours 45 minutes
Estimated Fuel Cost
25 $ - 30 $

Kernville is approximately 330 miles from San Francisco and the average travel time by car is five hours and thirty minutes. Traveling by road you will pass the San Francisco Bay Bridge to the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range although there is always the option of taking an affordable flight to nearby Bakersfield with either United Airlines and American Airlines, both of which have daily flights. From Bakersfield, you can take a train to Kernville.

However, the ultimate way to reach this charming town in the mountains is by road as it offers a spectcular encounter with some breathtaking scenery. Firstly, you should join the I-5 from San Francisco to Wasco Way before taking exit 263 to a town called Buttonwillow. At this point you will also join the CA-99 to Bakerfield and from here, it is a short distance to exit 27 and Kernville Town.

Cascading waterfalls, flowing rivers and pristine mountain views are common on the way to Kernville but if you have time, the California Living Museum in Bakersfield offers a perfect stopover en-route through Kern County. Featuring many plants and wildlife which are native to California, the museum is a fascinating encounter to get you in the mood for an outdoor adventure.