Kelseyville -- Stunning Lake Views, Weathered Barns + Hillside Wineries
Travel Time
One way
Approximately 3 hours drive from San Francisco
Estimated Cost
135 $ - 610 $
35 $ - 60 $
80 $ - 250 $
Restaurants / Bars
20 $ - 200 $
135 $ - 610 $

Kelseyville's vibe lives up to its slogan, “A friendly country town with a relaxed style.” Tucked beneath the slopes of Mount Konocti and offering unobstructed views of Clear Lake, the largest natural lake in California, this charming town beckons as an oasis of tranquility away from today’s frenetic daily flow.

The area’s famed flowering pear trees and lush purple lupine blossoms welcome you during summer. The more laidback traveler will be equally delighted by the languid Kelseyville Rivera, historic Main Street District, wildlife sanctuaries, and of course there is always the wine…

With an inland perch a short drive north of Napa Valley and the Bay, Lake County serves up 1,327 square miles of scenic beauty and natural wonders. Centered around Clear Lake, the largest natural lake in California, Lake County offers an outdoor paradise, with views and action to load a week or a weekend ... whatever you're after.

35 $ - 60 $
Travel time
Approximately 3 hours drive from San Francisco
Estimated Fuel Cost
35 $ - 60 $

Located about 125 miles northeast of San Francisco, the 2 hours, 30 minutes drive to Kelseyville is modest in length and long on scenery through northern California. Highway 101 north meanders through Petaluma, Santa Rosa, and the hamlet of Healdsburg.

Famed for quaint main streets and world-class cafes serving the best of farm-to-table fare, you're sure to find a welcoming respite by veering slightly off the beaten path at any of these delightful pit stops.

An alternate route from San Francisco to Kelseyville is I-80 E to Highway 29, and up through Napa. The drive might take a few minutes longer, and there are tolls, but the more inland run north through Napa Valley balances the scales.

80 $ - 250 $
Thorn Hill Vineyards Villa Suites

The Thorn Hill Vineyards Villa Suites near Clear Lake Riviera on the west side of Clear Lake are every bit as special as the name implies. Rent a villa at this boutique vineyard located tucked into the countryside only minutes from Clear Lake. Meet the winemakers, become par of the story of Thorn Hill and, of course, taste, taste, taste.

Creekside Lodge

Creekside Lodge in Kelseyville offers great location and friendly service for a budget-friendly value. It's less than 20 minutes' drive from Clear Lake State Park, and offers free WiFi and a common picnic area with BBQ grill for free use.

A microwave and mini-fridge are furnished in every room at Creekside Lodge. The rooms also include a satellite TV, work desk and in-room coffee. All located within reach of the area's landmark Clear Lake, Mt. Konocti and several wineries.

Kelseyville Motel

The budget-conscious traveler will feel at home in the 16-room Kelseyville Motel. Located within walking distance of several wineries and less than four miles from Clear Lake State Park, the Kelseyville Motel offers the expected family amenities, and clean, comfortable rooms. The motel also is within a short 20-minute walk to many local attractions, like the Ely Stage Stop and Country Museum.

20 $ - 200 $
Sawshop Gallery Bistro

Sawshop Gallery Bistro on Main Street is a crowd favorite. The American-Fusion menu includes a number of gluten-free delicacies. In addition to the moderately priced menu and nightly chef’s specials, the Sawshop also features selected "masterpieces" from talented local artists. It's open Tues-Sat 3:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

Richmond Park Bar and Grill

Want to enjoy a spectacular view of Clear Lake while enjoying a completely delightful entertainment experience? Richmond Park Bar and Grill is the spot. Located in the “Kelseyville Riviera,” the water views from the deck are unsurpassed. The American, made-to-order fare (the burgers are this restaurants claim to fame), and live music makes this the stop following a day of winery tours, hiking, boating ... you name it. It's a casual atmosphere, open daily 11:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m.

Studebakers Coffee House

Studebakers Coffee House is a local's hot spot for coffee, tea, pastries and sandwiches. Regularly busy for breakfast, Kelseyville residents and visitors alike also pop in for Studebakers’ boxed lunches, featuring specialty sandwiches, a staple for hiking, picnics, or a day at the lake. Conveniently located on Main Street, Studebakers is open for business from 6:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. The menu at Studebakers also is among the friendliest in town for your wallet.

Ely Stage Stop & Country Museum

Pick up some "Old West" history and dust at the Ely Stage Stop & Country Museum in Kelseyville. It's home to the Lake County Historical Society. But plan your schedule for the 11 a.m. - 3 p.m. weekend windows its open, so not to be disappointed.

Clear Lake

Clear Lake is the largest natural lake in California, and its the hub life of Lake County revolves around. There's hiking, fishing, boating, wine tasting, bicycling and other outdoor activities for relaxing or revving up the adventure.

​Running Creek Casino

Running Creek Casino in nearby Upper Lake can be your respite from the outdoors, especially if you want a place to duck in from the heat of summer and try your hand at blackjack or the slots. Make it a lunch or dinner spot for good eats at moderate prices, and keep the good times rolling at the dice tables.

Winery Touring & Tasting

There are a host of wineries in the large loop around Clear Lake. Try Brassfield Estate Winery and Cache Creek Vineyards in Clear Lake Oaks, on the east side of the lake. Ceago Estate Wines in Nice get great reviews for the friendly folks and beautiful scenery at the north end of the lake. Steele Winery and Laujor Estate Winery are in Kelseyville on the west side of the lake.

Hiking Mt. Konocti

Bring your hiking shoes, water bottles and a camera. Mt. Konocti, east of Kelseyville, is a central figure in the area's natural beauty, standing tall as a volcanic lava dome that reaches well more than 4,000 feet in elevation. It's the second highest peak in the Clear Lake Volcanic Field, which is made of volcanic domes and cones that range from 10,000 to more than 2 million years old.