June Lake: The Epitome of Serenity
Travel Time
One way
5 hr and 49 minutes
Estimated Cost
265 $ - 1680 $
40 $ - 230 $
50 $ - 600 $
Restaurants / Bars
25 $ - 50 $
150 $ - 800 $
265 $ - 1680 $

Thinking about taking that much needed break, but only have the weekend due to your responsibilities? Then June Lake is the perfect vacation spot for you. This magnificent lake is located in the heart of the Mono County and is at an elevation of approximately 7564 feet. This breathtaking lake is the definition of serenity due to the beauty that encompasses the area, it offers unsurpassed mountain beauty and should you be your foremost choice if you really want to revitalize yourself. 

It is also the perfect spot for adventure seekers as June Lake has everything to serve your recreation needs and if you are lucky enough you might be able to witness the gathering of over five hundred athletes who are taking part in the June lake triathlon. Due to the array of outdoor activities this sublime spot offers, people actually travel from all around the world to June Lake. As no one can resist the perfect combination of excitement and serenity that June Lake has to offer.

So if you really want to witness and experience the true beauty of Mother Nature then June Lakes groves of aspens, mountain views, willow lined meadows and red hues is where you can achieve this. At the same time even if you are one those adrenaline junkies and want a weekend packed with adventure, excitement and outdoor activities then consider heading out to June Lake this weekend.

Another vision of sheer natural beauty in June Lake
Sparkling blue water against an evergreen pine carpet
The Lake in spring
Colors in fall, from the Double Eagle Resort and Spa
Another vision of sheer natural beauty in June Lake
Beautifully placed and with rustic roots, the Villager Motel in June Lake
Succulent lamb at Eagle’s Landing Restaurant
Beautiful, snow covered June Lake
Skiing and snowboarding at June Lake in the winter
Another vision of sheer natural beauty in June Lake
Sparkling blue water against an evergreen pine carpet
40 $ - 230 $
Travel time
5 hr and 49 minutes
Estimated Fuel Cost
40 $ - 230 $

June Lake is approximately 314 miles from San Francisco, Yes that means it’s time for a road trip! Although the journey might be long but trust us this is going to be drive you will never forget. The route to June Lake is full of magnificent views, long roads that are surrounded by dense forests and is full of pit stops that offer vantage points of the beauty that Mono County radiates.

By Road

Drive: San Francisco to June Lake

Travel time: ~5 hr and 49 minutes

Estimated Fuel cost: $40-$50 (Cost exclusive of toll costs)

Public Transit

Bus: San Francisco (Townsend St) to June Lake Parking

Travel time: ~ 10 hr and 09 minutes (Includes transit time)

Estimated fare: $169-$226 from Townsend St