Healdsburg - Wine, Dine, and Culture
Travel Time
One way
1 hour 15 min
Estimated Cost
358 $ - 865 $
8 $ - 15 $
100 $ - 400 $
Restaurants / Bars
100 $ - 150 $
150 $ - 300 $
358 $ - 865 $

Incredible wineries, fine dining, and captivating art galleries?

Healdsburg is the type of place you leave, with a plan for what to see when you return, and the unassuming nature of the town is quite often what makes it so appealing. It has a certain charm which California is renowned for having of course, but then it's really only when you step away from the big cities and crowded nature of the coastline, that you can experience everything else it has to offer.

A picturesque town in the Sonomo Valley, and one of the most fascinating gems of Northern California, a weekend in Healdsburg makes for a perfect getaway with minimum travel time, and a huge variety of experiences.

8 $ - 15 $
Travel time
1 hour 15 min
Estimated Fuel Cost
8 $ - 15 $

Healdsburg is located just off Highway 101 and approximately 1 hour 15 minutes drive, provided the traffic is relatively calm. That being said, it is best to avoid traveling this route during rush hour, especially in the evening, as Highway 101 can get quite congested during these times. Reaching Healdsburg is quite an easy process with it being a straight run north from San Francisco where at 66 miles, you take exit 503 and keep left at the fork in the ramp which leads to the centre of the town.

If you have time to spare enroute to Healdsburg, the town of Santa Rosa has a most unique attraction in the Charles Schultz Museum, the man behind Snoopy, Charlie Brown, and the rest of the Peanuts Gang This is an affordable attraction and most suitable for families, while the town itself also has some convenient offerings to enjoy lunch before continuing north.