Glitz and Glamor in Santa Barbara
by user
Travel Time
One way
6 hours
Estimated Cost
500 $ - 920 $
30 $ - 70 $
200 $ - 400 $
Restaurants / Bars
120 $ - 200 $
150 $ - 250 $
500 $ - 920 $

Prepare for the most amazing weekend getaway that you have imagined! Discover the rich cultural heritage and splendid natural beauty of the Western Riviera with a 48 hours trip to the beautiful Santa Barbara, a unique and fascinating experience.

30 $ - 70 $
Travel time
6 hours
Estimated Fuel Cost
30 $ - 70 $

Depending on the chosen route to reach Santa Barbara, the trip can take anywhere from 5 to 8 hours. The first and fastest option is to take Hwy 101 to Exit 146 then follow 154 (San Marcos Pass Road) to the destination. Another option would be to follow Hwy 580 and Hwy 5, followed by CA 41 and 46 to Paso Robles and then continue on the previous route. While the first trip would take 5 hours with traffic, the second will be longer and will take about 6 hours, depending on the traffic. The third route, although longer and slower, is much more pleasant and scenic, running along the ocean coast. Take Hwy 1 for a total of 370 miles and around 7-8 hours, depending on the traffic. This is by far the most interesting route, allowing for a more relaxed and picturesque trip, passing though some of the most beautiful vistas of the central California coast. Stop for lunch in the splendid Big Sur area, where you can try the famous and unique burgers and sandwiches of Nepenthe Restaurant or the highly appraised cuisine and breathtaking views of Sierra Mar Restaurant.