Crowley Lake—Home to Pristine Nature for the Holidays
Travel Time
One way
6 hours and 30 minutes
Estimated Cost
312 $ - 930 $
27 $ - 200 $
85 $ - 350 $
Restaurants / Bars
50 $ - 80 $
150 $ - 300 $
312 $ - 930 $

When it comes to the US, Crowley Lake in California is among the primary destinations to visit. The scenery boasts off sheer beauty with pristine views, lakes and forests, and a lot more to entice a visitor. Activities of leisure add to the lure of the area. Furthermore, Crowley Lake is among the top spots for those interested in fishing.

In addition, kayaking is also among the commonly opted for activities of leisure at the destination. This is accompanied with exquisite weather conditions to elevate your experience at the Lake while the hiking trails make it even more enthralling. There are also motorboats if you are looking for that adrenaline rush.  The hauntingly peaceful vibe of the lake combined with recreation and utter beauty is what makes this place worth your visit. 

The Green Church near Crowley Lake.
A neo-rustic cabin nestled deep within the region
Upper part of the Owens River
Hauntingly strange rock formations on Crowley Lake
Plenty of Rainbow trout at Crowley Lake
Boundary Peak past Crowley Lake.
The Green Church near Crowley Lake.
A neo-rustic cabin nestled deep within the region
27 $ - 200 $
Travel time
6 hours and 30 minutes
Estimated Fuel Cost
27 $ - 200 $

The route to Crowley Lake from San Francisco is nothing less than a vacation itself. You experience the best of what nature has to offer. From green lands to plain sand and loads of mountains, you get to see everything on your way.

The shallow water beside the road makes your trip further beautiful with utmost leisure and comfort.

On your way to the Lake, you will pass jungle-like tracks as well. Despite the route that you take to this natural spot, you are bound to experience breathtaking views, which is part of the reason why visitors opt for different roads to and from Crowley Lake—so they can soak in as much of nature’s beauty as they can.

If time is one of your concerns, you can even travel to your destination via air. A plane-ride is just another means of experiencing the shoreline of Mono Lake or the landscape of Yosemite on the way. Buses and trains are equally convincing options as is air, but true fun is when you drive from San Francisco to Crowley Lake in a car!

By Road

Drive: San Francisco to Crowley Lake

Travel Time: ~6 hours and 30 minutes

Distance: 347 miles

Estimated Fuel Cost: ~27-40

Public Transit

Bus: From San Francisco to Crowley Lake, via Reno.

Travel Time: ~10 hours 30 minutes

Estimated Fare: 58-120 (From San Francisco to Reno via Greyhound USA, to Crowley Lake Community), 19-200 (From San Francisco to Merced via Greyhound USA, to Crowley Lake through YARTS)