Connect with Nature in Sequoia National Park
Travel Time
One way
4 hours
Estimated Cost
65 $ - 400 $
15 $ - 50 $
10 $ - 200 $
Restaurants / Bars
30 $ - 100 $
10 $ - 50 $
65 $ - 400 $

One of the most incredible national parks in the USA, Sequoia National Park is a must visit for any outdoor lover. This national park offers a tranquility you won’t find in nearby Yosemite, plus opportunities to explore meadows, canyons, and along rivers. From hiking to caving to camping to wildlife viewing, your getaway to Sequoia will fit the bill for an outdoor adventure filled trip.

Entrance to Sequoia National Park
View from Moro Rock
General Sherman Tree
Bear in Sequoia National Park
Inside Crystal Caves
Muir Lake
Crescent Meadow
Sunset in Sequoia National Park
Entrance to Sequoia National Park
View from Moro Rock
15 $ - 50 $
Travel time
4 hours
Estimated Fuel Cost
15 $ - 50 $

Sequoia National Park is four hours southeast of San Francisco. It’ll be an adventure to get to, but well worth it! The best way to get there is to drive, as public transportation won’t get you directly to the park. Plus, it's nice to have your own way to explore the area.

Break up your drive by making a pit stop in Madera to pick up some take out sandwiches from Deli Delicious. Then head east to Millerton Lake (about 20 miles north of Fresno) to eat your lunch and do some hiking around the foothills. You may get lucky and spot some wildlife as well - mule deer, badgers and bald eagles are frequently spotted in this area. Once you hit the road again heading for Sequoia National Park, be sure you fill your car up with gas. There are no gas stations within the park boundaries.

If you don't have your own way to the park, you can take the Amtrak from San Francisco to Visalia. Once in Visalia there is a Sequoia Shuttle that will drop you off inside the park.