Capitola: Your Beachfront Destination for 2017
Travel Time
One way
1hr 20 minutes
Estimated Cost
165 $ - 404 $
10 $ - 19 $
150 $ - 350 $
Restaurants / Bars
5 $ - 35 $
165 $ - 404 $

Capitola is one of the oldest Oceanside resort cities in California, unique among the rest due to the Mediterranean vibe. It also enjoys a reputation as perhaps the oldest vacation spot along the pacific coastline.

Old bistros, quaint little shops and various small business fronts are peppered around the picturesque town, with a winding promenade connecting most of them for easy access on foot, as well as a fulfilling walk around town. This makes Capitola the perfect spot for a weekend getaway filled with seaside cuisine, sun and surf, and long, romantic walks.

Multicolored beach paradise
Classical Venetian architecture
A splendid view of the beach from Margaritaville
West meets South, a blend of Southern beachfront aesthetics
Luxurious Capitola beach suites
The Capitola Venetian Hotel
Multicolored beach paradise
Classical Venetian architecture
10 $ - 19 $
Travel time
1hr 20 minutes
Estimated Fuel Cost
10 $ - 19 $

Capitola is conveniently located just 6 miles East from Santa Cruz Downtown. The drive itself, from San Francisco to Capitola, is immensely rewarding, which is why it is recommended to hop in the car and take in all the scenic views along he way.

Best Time to Travel: Fall is generally the best time to travel to and stay in Capitola, since the weather is significantly milder and the routes are fog-free.

By Road

Drive: San Francisco to Capitola (Recommended)

Travel Time: ~1hr 20 minutes

Distance: 78.2 miles

Estimated Fuel Cost: $10-$15

Public Transit

Train: From San Francisco to Capitola

Travel Time: ~3 hr 6 minutes

Estimated Fare: $18.75 from Caltrain