Benton, CA – A Wonderful Relic from the Past for History Buffs
Travel Time
One way
6 hours 47 minutes
Estimated Cost
105 $ - 290 $
40 $ - 100 $
Restaurants / Bars
15 $ - 20 $
50 $ - 100 $
105 $ - 290 $

Benton often seems barren and isolated when visitors set sights to it for the first time. However, there is far more to the town than meets the eye. The place is well-known for the majestic White Mountains, various historical Hot Springs, the White Mountains, old buildings, and plenty of mines. 

History buffs would be interested to know that the place was originally settled by the Utu Utu Gwaitu Paiute Tribe, which literally translates into ‘Hot Water Place People’. However, Benton got its start in 1863 after the discovery of gold and silver. Itsoon became grew to become the largest town in the county. The town was named after a Missouri Senator, Thomas Hart Benton, who advocated westward expansion. 

Today, tourists mainly come to Benton for visiting the hot springs, hiking, and mountain biking. Here you can also find a lodge, restaurant, and a scenic cemetery. Visitors can also enjoy the scenic views of the nearby Boundary Peak and Montgomery peak from the area.  

If you are fascinated by western history, you should definitely consider planning a visit to Benton. The place is sure to enthrall you with rustic elegance and tranquil atmosphere. 

Welcome to Benton, California
A much-needed respite while passing through the small town.
The Inn at Benton, an oasis in the desert
Benton Hot Springs Museum, a reminder of a bygone era.
A view of Montgomery Park from Benton Hot Springs
A bathing tub at Hot Springs, fed by the naturally warm waters.
An old, faithful farm truck, now retired and laid to rest near Hot Springs.
Welcome to Benton, California
A much-needed respite while passing through the small town.
40 $ - 100 $
Travel time
6 hours 47 minutes
Estimated Fuel Cost
40 $ - 100 $

Situated enroute to remote areas of Nevada near Bishop, Benton can be accessed via US Route 6, which connects California to Massachusetts. The route crosses Nevada state border, and then climbs to the White Mountains. The place can be also reached from Mammoth Lakes, Death Valley, June Lake, Lee Vining, Tom’s Place, Convict Lake, and Crowley Lake.   

By Road

Drive: San Francisco to Benton 

Travel Time: ~6 hours 47 minutes

Distance: 369 miles

Estimated Fuel Cost: 40-55

Public Transit

Bus: From San Francisco to Benton, via Reno. 

Travel Time: 12 hours 50 minutes

Estimated Fare: 15-35 (From San Francisco to N Virginia St & W 5th St, through Megabus),  35-55 (From Reno Greyhound 155 Stevenson to Bishop - Vons/Kmart 1200 N, through Eastern Sierra Transit Authority), 6-10 (From Bishop - Vons/Kmart 1200 N. to Benton, through Eastern Sierra Transit Authority)