Beach Wind-Down in Santa Cruz
by user
Travel Time
One way
2 hours
Estimated Cost
242 $ - 700 $
12 $ - 30 $
50 $ - 300 $
Restaurants / Bars
60 $ - 150 $
120 $ - 220 $
242 $ - 700 $
More than your quintessential beach town, Santa Cruz's relaxed vibe is the perfect way to wind down for a weekend. Whether you catch a wave or just lounge on the beach, you're bound to fall in love.
12 $ - 30 $
Travel time
2 hours
Estimated Fuel Cost
12 $ - 30 $
Probably the most famous route between San Francisco and Santa Cruz is the memorable Hwy 1. Between San Francisco and Santa Cruz, the route is relatively flat, pastoral lands. The crop of choice is brussel sprouts - so don't be surprised if you take in a surprising aroma as you make your way to Santa Cruz! Along the way is one of the most photogenic lighthouses in all of California, the Pigeon Point Lighthouse. It's well worth a stop to take some photographs, especially in the morning or at dusk. If taking the Hwy 1, you will also pass through Half Moon Bay, which is well worth a stop. However,  if you are in a hurry, it is slightly faster to head through San Jose via the Interstate 280 or Hwy 101 to Hwy 18, then take Hwy 17 south to Santa Cruz. However, as this route passes through major cities, it is likely to be a more stressful drive.