Bakersfield: A Hotspot for Harmonic History and Worth a Visit
Travel Time
One way
4hr 38 minutes
Estimated Cost
187 $ - 1189 $
40 $ - 475 $
37 $ - 169 $
Restaurants / Bars
25 $ - 45 $
85 $ - 500 $
187 $ - 1189 $

There are some cities within the United States that are deemed important to the very history of the country, in some way, shape or form. We have ‘Motor City’, which is also the home of Motown. There is ‘The Big Apple’, where aspirations are targeted towards. There is the ‘City of Angels’, the place where stardom reigns supreme. And then there are cities such as Bakersfield, California, which seem to be dwarfed in comparison with the aforementioned big places, but still hold a special place in American history, and people’s hearts.

Bakersfield may not sound like the eco-tourist destination of choice, or even a hotspot for annual visits, be they for any reason. But this fast growing city is called the ‘country music capital of the West coast’. This reputation makes for reason enough to experience the marvels that this city has. But for those looking for more, Bakersfield is the actual gateway to the immense natural beauty of the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range. 

Whether you plan to visit for the music and culture, or for the white water rafting, just be sure to give Bakersfield a visit. You will not be disappointed!

The historic Fox Theater
Hearty, beefy and succulent, the bacon cheeseburger at Black Angus Steakhouse
Buck Owens’s Crystal Palace, classically American
An aerial view of the magnificent town
A touch of Southern Comfort
The Hilton at Bakersfield, always a pleasure
The historic Fox Theater
Hearty, beefy and succulent, the bacon cheeseburger at Black Angus Steakhouse
40 $ - 475 $
Travel time
4hr 38 minutes
Estimated Fuel Cost
40 $ - 475 $

Located South-East of San Francisco, Bakersfield is accessible by road, public transit, as well as by air. However, the drive is recommended, purely for the pleasure of experiencing the beautiful countryside while driving. It can also be an easier route as compared to public transit, seeing as the trains and buses can get a bit crowded as you approach the city.

Whatever means you opt for, you are sure to have quite a ride, as you come across some of the most beautiful scenery, making for a decent road trip as well.

By Road

Drive: San Francisco to Bakersfield

Travel Time: ~4hr 38 minutes

Distance: 283 miles

Estimated Fuel Cost: $40-$60

By Air

Fly: San Francisco International Airport to Meadows Field Airport (Bakersfield)

Travel Time: 1 hr 5 minutes

Estimated Fare: ~$477 via United Airlines

Public Transit

Train: From San Francisco to Bakersfield, via Richmond Station

Travel Time: ~6 hr 57 minutes

Estimated Fare: $4.65 (From Powell St. Station to Richmond Station through Bay Area Rapid Transit), $47-$86 (From Richmond Station to Bakersfield through Amtrak)