Auburn - Where history meets nature
Travel Time
One way
2 hours 15 minutes
Estimated Cost
140 $ - 300 $
15 $ - 20 $
55 $ - 120 $
Restaurants / Bars
30 $ - 60 $
40 $ - 100 $
140 $ - 300 $

Auburn is located towards Northern California and is a part of Placer County, California. Auburn played great historical significance during the Gold Rush which started in 1849 and is today a Californian National Historic Landmark. Since the Gold Rush, over 25 million ounces of gold were mined in the Auburn and Gold Country region.

Today, Auburn is a sought after destination for tourists, due to its importance in history as well its importance today. It is home to many national sporting events including equestrian and athletics such as the Iron Man Marathon, while it is also home to the annual Wine, Ale and Spirits Festival. Auburn has an old school charm, with many restored historical sites, giving it an authentic and Old Town appeal for locals and tourists alike. However, you will also find nature attractions in this beautiful part of California, most especially within the stunning confines of Hidden Falls Regional Park.

15 $ - 20 $
Travel time
2 hours 15 minutes
Estimated Fuel Cost
15 $ - 20 $

Auburn is just a short journey away from San Francisco along the I-80. This drive should take approximately two hours to complete without stops, and is roughly 120 miles in length. While driving along the I-80, you will drive through the city Sacramento, and further along your journey, you will pass through Roseville and Rocklin.

Sacramento is an excellent location for a stopover, as it is the closest big city to Auburn, being only 30 miles away. As you continue on the I-80 from Sacramento, you will take exit 119A to Maple Street in Auburn, which is only a few minutes up to the road, making Auburn an easy destination to find.

During the drive, you will also move towards the Eldorado National Forest, which will highlight your route with miles and miles of lush forest and trees, a picturesque setting for any vacation. Please also note, the closest airport to Auburn is Sacramento International Airport which is located 30 miles away.