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At Detour Ahead, we are taking a fresh look at travel.
Here's what we believe:
You do not need to go far
for a getaway
There are incredible destinations all around you, right in your backyard. All you have to do is discover them.
Travel should not need hours and hours of planning
It should be an impulsive experience and you should be able to act on it.
The days of guidebooks are over
You do not need to buy a travel guide to get inspired - you just need a platform to hear from locals and your friends about great destinations and travel experiences.
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How It Works
Write the perfect itinerary
We think you don't have to be an editor for a magazine to share travel tips and advice with your fellow travelers. Write itineraries from your experience, research or local knowledge.
Share with the community
Publish the itinerary on Detour Ahead. If you like, use social media to share with your friends and followers as well.
Get Paid (Coming soon)
Every time someone books any part of their travel experience using your itinerary, you get paid! So make sure you include links to booking sites!